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Hello there!

I'm Biraj, and a warm welcome to my portfolio!. I'm a dedicated Game Producer, driven by a passion for bringing projects to life. My journey led me to earn a B.F.A and Masters in Games from the University of Utah's Entertainment Arts & Engineering program, where I've developed a strong foundation in producing captivating gaming experiences.

I thrive in coordinating and guiding projects, ensuring that every detail falls in the right place. Just like a conductor that leads an orchestra, I navigate the amazing symphony of production, harmonizing teams to create impactful projects. I love making games that deeply connect with the players.

With a talent for solving problems and a natural skill in clear communication, I have experience overseeing diverse teams and creating roadmaps and schedules for them. Working closely with engineers, designers and artists, I try to guide projects to completion on time.

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With a powerful weapon in your hand, navigate across the four Yugas(eras) of the Hindu Chatur Yuga cycle and cleanse the evil in the world as well as within yourself. Gain access to powerful combos and powerups by unlocking your chakras and defeat your rival. Are you ready to unleash your inner warrior and restore balance to the world?

Rudra: A Tale of Time

Third Eye Interactive

Rudra: A Tale of Time is an action RPG inspired by Hindu scriptures. Embark on a journey of self-discovery by unlocking chakras and using mantras to save the universe from the forces of evil.

From chaotic ragdoll physics to sabotage from neighbor's kids, STUDS will rest your dad-like reflexes as you race baby strollers down the street, or be the first to gather all the items on the hardware store shopping list. You might have the bod, the jokes, and an outrageous sense of fashion, but do you have what it takes to earn the coveted title of the ultimate dad?

Welcome, dad bod enthusiasts; It's time for the most anticipated event of your local neighborhood! STUDS is a 3D multiplayer party game where up to 4 players compete in a series of 'dadly' events to be crowned the Ultimate Dad. ​

Super Totally Ultimate Dad Showdown

Sandalled Socks Studios

Strapped with epic drums all over, use your body as the perfect instrument to support your allies in the battlefield. Perform epic combos to guide the flow of the interactive music giving various types of buffs to your dwarven brethren. Strategize in lining up combos to keep the buffs going.  

The Battle Bards

Battle Bard

Battle Bard is a strategy rhythm auto-battler where you create rhythms from your alternative drum controller vest to inspire your fellow dwarves to fight against the evil orc invaders.

Based on restrictions and constraints selected randomly, each prototype included concepting and pitching to peers and executives. Changes were made based on the feedback received with fast iterations. 

Rapid prototypes developed in a span of 2-3 weeks with a new team for each prototype. Application of scrum and agile methods in a simulated studio environment.

University of Utah

Rapid Prototypes

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