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General Information

Game Summary

Battle Bard is a strategy rhythm auto-battler where you create rhythms from your alternative drum controller vest to inspire your fellow dwarves to fight against the evil orc invaders.

Strapped with epic drums all over, use your body as the perfect instrument to support your allies in the battlefield. Perform epic combos to guide the flow of the interactive music giving various types of buffs to your dwarven brethren. Strategize in lining up combos to keep the buffs going.  

  • The Battle Bards

  • Jan 2022 - May 2022

  • No. of Developers: 14

  • Hybrid


Roles & Responsibilities

Here are my contributions for the project:


  • Served as the audio producer for the team

  • Created an audio pipeline from sound design to implementation, aligning with the game's audio-focused mechanics

  • Ensured a smooth integration of sound elements to enhance the immersive gameplay experience

  • Conceptualized the design of a drum vest alternative controller

  • Developed the initial prototype for its integration in a real-time strategy rhythm game

  • Researched and integrated Wwise in Unity

  • Researched and produced Medieval SFX and Music in FL Studio


  • Defined a fun and replayable concept for the game with rhythm as a main factor

  • Worked with the producers to create design pillars for the game

  • Assisted with overseeing Jira tickets and task management

  • Co-presented bi-weekly sprint reviews

  • Assumed the role of backup Scrum Master​

  • Created trailers for the game

  • Directed and edited a developer talk video explaining the game works

  • Took in-game screenshots for


Researching & Planning 

I joined the Battle Bards team as an audio producer, drawn in by the exciting prospect of working on a rhythm game – a genre I'm particularly fond of. The concept of using one's body as virtual drums was a dream I had always envisioned in a video game. Once the theme of the game was set, I started researching Medieval-themed music to create audio that resonated with it. I also looked into how audio engines were used in other rhythm games to make their gameplay experience better. My previous experience with Wwise allowed me to maximize this opportunity for learning and skill enhancement.

The Bard

I took on the responsibility of producing audio assets that aligned with the game's rhythm tier system. This involved designing music pieces that would seamlessly evolve based on the player's progress through the game. I further detailed my audio creation process in a video, which can be found on the left side of the screen at the timestamp 5:45. Integrating Wwise in Unity enabled me to establish an interactive music hierarchy within Wwise, incorporating music states and playlist containers.

With a focus on the game's medieval fantasy setting, I focused into crafting epic music and instruments that resonated with the game's theme. I created distinct music stems corresponding to each tier of in-game combos. These tiers exhibited progressive musical compositions, with an increasing number of instruments added to each tier, heightening the player's engagement. To add an element of unpredictability and freshness, I incorporated multiple music stems in each tier, randomly selecting them during gameplay. This dynamic approach ensured that players experienced a different musical arrangement with every playthrough, and the transitions between the various music stems were created to maintain a seamless and immersive auditory journey.


We needed a controller that was seamless in playability and at the same time is enjoyable. I contributed to conceptualizing a drum vest alternative controller, evolving through 3 iterations. The first version featured 6 drum pads using Arduino Uno and light-up arcade buttons attached to a construction vest. After playtesting, we refined it to 4 drums for improved gameplay. With added teammates, a hardware and electronics expert refined the final vest, staying true to the original concept. We enhanced the design by using soft pads atop buttons, increasing pad diameter for better feel. The vest was sewn together with straps, with wires passing between the straps and offered length adjustment for accessibility.



I helped in shaping an engaging and replayable game concept, placing rhythm as a central element to drive excitement. Collaborating closely with the producers and designers, I actively contributed to the creation of design pillars that laid the foundation for the game's development. This involved ensuring that the core mechanics aligned with our vision and translated into an immersive player experience.

Beyond design and conceptualization, I actively managed and coordinated project operations. This included supervising Jira tickets and task management.

Additionally, I co-presented bi-weekly sprint reviews, delivering essential updates to stakeholders. As a backup Scrum Master, I stepped into this role when needed, ensuring that the agile framework was upheld and contributing to the team's efficient workflow.


To enhance player understanding, I directed and edited a developer talk video, shedding light on the game's mechanics and design choices. Additionally, I took charge of capturing in-game screenshots for and creating a prototype trailer for it.